François Kirmann Gamaury  is a French electronic musician based in London.

He has been releasing music since 2006, both as a solo artist and with composer/multi-instrumentalist Tom Hodge with their electronic/post-classical crossover project Piano Interrupted. His music has been released on Bytes / Ransom Note, Denovali Records, Tapeworm, Mercury KX, 1631, MicroCastle and Lona Records (Hong Kong) as well as his own labels Days Of Being Wild and Photogram.

Aside from his solo work, Franz regularly collaborates with musicians, filmmakers and artists.

Notable media credits are TV drama McMafia (BBC), indie documentary The Man Behind The Microphone (Claire De Lune Films) both with Tom Hodge and 2021 BAFTA winner documentary Locked In: Breaking the silence for BBC Four Storyville.


The French producer makes very ambitious and contemporary electronic music


It's music that demands your attention and confronts your preconceptions.

Create Digital Music

It’s headphone stuff for sonic dreaming, relentlessly futuristic and endlessly engaging. It’s a world you’ll want to enter and reenter, an addictive time warp.

Music Week

A fascinating blend of electronic and organic tones that combines to create something undeniably special. Immersive, expansive and haunting, it manages to be otherwordly and familiar at the same time.

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